Nations - Darwinism carrying moon phase profit and loss show: tribute classic design

With the launch of the Davis moon automatic rolex uk 36, the moon phase profit and loss in the Darwinian series in the official return. Three models to choose from: a red gold case with copper crocodile leather strap, a bezel set with 54 diamonds in the stainless steel case models, and equipped with dark brown crocodile leather strap, another Section for carrying a dark blue crocodile leather strap stainless steel watch, three watches are silver dial. 30 mm, with a moon phase profit and loss show complex functions, semi-circular crown and the use of precious materials, specifically for the love of luxury temperament and fine.......................... Design of the technology. Ladder-type inner ring on the silver dial to highlight, make it look more vivid, waterproof performance of 3 bar, Santoni crocodile leather strap many colors more watch icing on the cake. The new lugs can move the watch ears to make the strap can be close to the wrist, comfortable to wear. Timepiece driven by the 35800 type self-winding mechanical movement. The central second hand can be swiss replica watches stopped to set the time. At the end of the watch engraved with "flower of life". This is a geometric modeling with multiple overlapping loops, and Da Vinci has conducted an in-depth study and mapping. Nations - Darwinism carrying moon phase profit and loss show: tribute classic design Red gold and stainless steel with a harmonious Million countries to express the text of the moon phase automatic watch 36 has three styles: one for the red gold section, a diamond for the bezel diamond case style, another for the stainless steel watch, all three models are Equipped with silver dial. 18K red gold section (model: IW459308) is the three models of jewelry models. Watch case diameter of 36 mm, with eye-catching lugs, semi-circular crown and bronze Santoni crocodile leather strap and pin clasp, shining golden light. Gold - blue moon phase profit and loss show that the harmony of the overall picture of the finishing touch. Although the actual operation of the moon is 29.53 days, but the classic moon phase of the design of the gear system can be rounded to 29.5 days. The gear train automatically drives the display disk forward a tooth every day to correctly show the moon's profit and loss. This sustained movement is almost hard to be perceived by both eyes. As needed, the wearer can update the display at "2 o'clock" with the supplied pin. Stainless steel watch with diamond bezel (model: IW459307) surrounded by 54 pure white diamonds, dark brown alligator strap and butterfly buckle with this perfect match. Silver dial, the number and hour hand or minute hand of the golden hue and the second hand of the blue hue alternately, and the golden - blue moon phase profit and loss show harmony. In the IW459306 stainless steel rolex uk, the dial, the moon and the stars sparkle silver light, and display function, the sky and equipped with stainless steel butterfly buckle Santoni leather strap is dark blue. All three watch power reserve for 42 hours. Engraved decoration Brand in the Da Vinci series of automatic watch 36 at the end of the engraved with the text of the "flower of life", to its Renaissance of the new aesthetic definition of the contribution made by the tribute. The artist has studied the ring structure of mathematics in his notes and sketches, in which there is no irregularity, and everything is connected to each other. Many maths and general rules are derived on the basis of this, such as the Pythagorean theorem, the proportion of regular polygons or gold, and the proportion of the human body.